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Tanya-Danielle Gillis

TD has her own private practice, in seeing individuals with all sorts of concerns and/or difficult circumstances. And developed the “Gillis Method©” after working with many individuals that felt stuck, trapped and despondent. Mainly men and women; and children as young as 10 years of age.

Her main passion is the sub-conscious mind and its effects on the body and emotional states. She focused most of her time studying past/current models of therapy, as well other alternative modalities to gather a deeper awareness, knowledge and appreciation on its power; and in assisting the people on a greater level.

Tanya-Danielle Gillis

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Tanya-Danielle Gillis

The Gillis Method©

The mind has always been the true key to release and create change. And that lies within the sub-conscious mind. The Gillis Method© is one of those unique modality that has made those key shifts.

  • Discover the key blockages, triggers and barriers and to overcome them permanently.
  • Gain clarity and understanding to why certain behaviours, emotions and past events keep occurring. Stop the paying out on yourself OR others in your head!
  • Overcome anxiety, procrastination, constant thoughts that plague you and self-sabotage. Get rid of over-reacting, withdrawal and suppression.
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem in getting the right message across. Gain greater connection within yourself and others.
  • Discover your purpose and unlock what you truly love to do. Get rid of the fear that blocks it.
  • Discover the real ‘hidden’ you and gain freedom from past hurts….



What people have said about Consultations with Tanya-Danielle:

“Chad what made you come to the clinic and see TD in the first place?'

"I was working way too much and thought that was normal. I was coming home tired and stressed. I had my own business but was doing ‘everything’ that I didn’t allow my employees to step up and didn’t trust them either.

Getting away for holidays was very hard and stressful. I couldn’t let go and this affected my relationship with my wife and children. Added to this I was having flash backs of my childhood and didn’t know how to deal with them. 

My mother and father both went to see Tanya-Danielle and I couldn’t believe the change in them. My wife then went to see Tanya-Danielle and she changed, that was it for me! I decided I wanted a better way of dealing with life. 

I can’t explain how Tanya-Danielle works but she gets to part of brain that effects behaviours and emotions and changes it all around. It is permanent and results are amazing. She also gave me the tools to effectively manage my business and staff, this has accelerated my business. My relationship with my wife and children is wonderful and connected. I enjoy life and able to put personal boundaries in place so easily. I feel fulfilled and happy. 

It’s great to be free of stress and worry and to know there is a better life to lead when you know how and get the right help.” 

Chad (CEO)

‘Cilla what made you come to the clinic and see TD in the first place?'

“I came because of meltdown of being a step mum and my past which created a lot of anger issues. I had the rage inside me from my childhood. Not wanting to put these issues onto my child. Didn't want my child to feel the way I felt growing up as a child. Didn't want her to feel resentment or to pass on the verbal abuse. It's quite easy to push it onto your child without realizing. My main reason to be a better parent. Needed some way of dealing with it, to give my child and step children a better start in life. I was smoking a lot of weed, drinking and also doing drugs to numb the pain. 

"What changes have you noticed since coming to the clinic?"

”My language skills have improved, being aware of how I speak to the children and others around me. Learning to take others feelings into consideration. Much more positive outlook on life. I used to run away when I had to deal with anything, change jobs, run away to another country to run away from my past. Now I deal with the challenges, I can deal with the past and be able to move forward in my life. I have challenged myself and had the confidence for the first time in a long time. I have completed a level 4 Training and Assessment Cert 4 at TAFE. 

I'm much calmer now, I don't need the drugs anymore, because I can cope with life now and dealt with my past. The rage has gone. Now I have a social drink and don't need to drink to numb it out. I can really say now that I value myself, where I have come from and where I am going. This work Td does gets into the deeper part of mind and finally gives you the peace and change we all deserve.


'Craig what made you come to the clinic and see TD in the first place?' 

“I'd say firstly it was the difference I saw in my partner after she went to see TD, she went from being unhappy to choosing where she wanted to go. I was constantly reacting to my life. 

I finally got the stage where I finally said to myself I’II see TD and see what she can do...One of the best decisions I have ever made. Personally I'd say I've always found something missing, not there, not clicked, missing peace inside myself, and allowed it to be that way. 
I constantly drank alcohol, would be on the internet, or games or be on the phone. I didn't recognise these as problems till I saw TD. Never thought I had the power to change my life..... I tried to fix everyone else's problems....that filled a greater hole I had. Without seeing what happened to my partner I would never have come. Seeing huge differences in her

"What changes have you noticed since coming to the clinic?" 

“Since coming to TD I'm more aware of myself, and getting rid of old habits. So much more aware of my feelings. Better at expressing to others so that they understand me. I'm good at articulating in my head, now able to do it verbally, which is so much better. My relationship is stronger with my partner than it has ever been. Our relationship is better after going to TD, not bottling things up. I'm more comfortable in my own skin than I've ever been. 
With work I never felt good enough. Always thought I would fail, thinking "What makes you think you're good enough to get this job" I would be comfortable to just sit there...I make myself rubbish....I give myself shit.....constant dialogue. Now I can ask for help, my thought patterns have changed and the way I feel about myself. It’s like a complete turnaround and it happens naturally now. 


‘Emily what made you come to the clinic and see TD in the first place?'“

I came because I was still being triggered by the past, even after seeing a psychologist for 4 years and also after having Hypnosis. I felt I was a prisoner of my own PTSD. I would never be a good counsellor unless I addressed my own issues. Feeling like previous therapies hadn't worked and there had to be another way. I was fatigued and had learnt to live with my triggers and accepted that's how my life was going to be, constantly being on guard.  Being exhausted and being on guard is very hard to live with. Before I came to TD I didn't feel I had a voice, I didn't feel I had the right to express myself, I didn't feel worthy of being myself and who I am.”

"What changes have you noticed since coming to the clinic?"

“There were things I assumed were dealt with I suppose but they only scratched the surface. Through TD's work I'm become my real self, the person I always wanted to be and I was able to release these deeper issues from my past. Piece by piece becoming stronger and more authentic. My relationships with people are more meaningful. My interactions are more honest. The tools I have been given have deepened my awareness of my interactions with others and how I talk to them. I feel the PTSD has weakened (almost barely there), I don't have fatigue and I'm not on guard anymore. I can function with my life in general now and more importantly settled.”


"Jayne what made you come to the clinic and see TD in the first place?"

My whole life, nothing was working. I used to get angry when I didn't like to hear something. I had separated from my husband after being married for only 8 months. I thought the whole world was against me. I had no life. I hated my life. I had enough of where I was. I was overeating, drinking too much. I didn't care about anyone else but me.

"What changes have you noticed since coming to the clinic?"

I don't get angry anymore. I trust myself and my intuition. Before I was worried about money and everything and now it's more important to have freedom and help others. I don't project anger onto others and my relationship with my daughter is wonderful. It's about you learning about yourself and finding your passion. I have learnt how my actions and words have hurt other people. And after doing the work I feel released and knowing where I am going. It is great to feel happy and knowing I free to be me.


'Nathan what made you come to the clinic and see TD in the first place?'

“I came to be a better person. I was dealing with drug addiction (ice/methamphetamines). I didn't want my kids to see me like that. I wanted to be a better father, it was affecting my work, my relationships and my family. Not wanting to get out of bed, no motivation and stuff like that, and not having any money. Lack of socializing, being angry, getting agro for no reason.

"What changes have you noticed since coming to the clinic?" 

The first thing is being a better father and better husband. Enjoying to do things with my family. And now being able to afford to do things now. Have better self-esteem and more motivation. 

Slowly coming back to be social again and building trust. Kids are happier and settled. You start being able to look forward and the past is something that you move from. Especially when you deal with all stuff you didn’t even know you were carrying.


'Tom what made you come to the clinic and see TD in the first place?'

“I had to deal with my own demons. I had addictions to alcohol, marihuana, and cigarettes. These were a big issue. They affected my relationship with wife and I wasn't getting the work I needed. I was getting work but not many hours and not able to pay the bills. My wife was left to pay all the bills. I was justifying my own bad decisions. Adding stress to my relationship and feeling not much of a man. My wife previously went to see TD Gillis and I had seen so many positive and permanent changes in her. I didn’t want to feel left behind so I started work with TD. It took some time to make that decision but I am so glad I did.”

"What changes have you noticed since coming to the clinic?" 

“My whole thought pattern has changed, the way I look at life in general.
I'm a bit of a muso it's my passion, I've watched my whole writing style evolve. I write songs and post stuff. I post my stuff on social media and get great feedback, my relationship is better now and I don't lose the plot now. My addictions have subsided, which was amazing. Still have a beer, but I don’t need it. Marihuana and smokes not there anymore.
The work I have done has made me a stronger willed person when faced with temptation, made the job easier. I now have got the job that I wanted with fulltime work. All I can say is
the ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner’ for me. Don’t suffer in silence, take it from me when you find somethings that creates these kind of results then go for it!”

TOM, Heavy Rigid Truck Driver


Please note the private consultations is based on a current waiting list, and professional referral letters are preferred but not necessary. Always make sure that you continue seeing your current medical or health care provider, as Tanya-Danielle can work with your provider. Providing a team approach and assisting in getting you the best results.