What people have said about our Workshops & Seminars:

Managing Kids Behaviour:

I have attended many profes- sional workshops in the past but with limited success, TD has given me the missing piec- es. It was simple and she put everything together so I could go back and help many more children and I have! I have seen the eyes of hope and how teen- agers respond to me so differ- ently. Thank You Thank You Tanya-Danielle!’ ~ Jane Youth Worker

“As a child care worker I have been faced with many behaviours that effect children and I was over joyed to see action plans and steps I took back and tried. Once I had implemented them I saw how easy it was to get back the peace and help children grow. I just loved what you gave us…. It is truly magic! Thank You.“ Joy

“Dinner times were always stressful in our family, now it is such a joy to hear laughter, sharing and caring at the table. Thank you TD” ~ Rachael, Nurse & Mother

“Shopping with my four year old Troy was a nightmare! The tantrums, tears and carry on was getting too much for me! I really believed everyone thought I was a bad parent. Now thanks to your steps I love going out with Troy and he has become so helpful, that I get strangers complimenting us. Thank YOU.” ~ Sue

Free Yourself Workshop:


“The workshop gave me a lot of tools that I refer to frequently. You get Clarity. Everything fits into your life better. Found self- peace and gratitude. Tools from the workshop things to focus on when feeling off. Am I applying these? When you use these tools you always feel better. Workshop had amazing food. If nothing else go for the food. Food will make you feel better. Learnt how to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. Responding instead of reacting. You see the difference when you learn how to respond.

I look forward do this workshop as maintenance every few years because I will always be in a different stage in life and I know I can get the best out of myself now.”

“ I was feeling stuck in my life. My adult children had moved away, and I didn’t love the work I was doing. Even though I was doing a lot of over-time, I wasn’t feeling appreciat- ed and my manager would find something to pick on. I didn’t know what I loved and what my purpose was. So I just kept going to the same workplace I hated and doing the same things day in day out. I was given this brochure by a work colleague who said he was amazed by the information and strategies Tanya-Danielle disclosed ,and he started to follow his own passions. I noticed he was getting happier and happier. And yet I placed the bro- chure in the draw. One day whilst looking for something else the brochure literally jumped out at me. As if to say do this for your- self! And I did… WOW, what this workshop did for me, you really need to experience it for yourself. I discovered my hidden gift and it opened my eyes to what I was holding myself back on. I love what I do now and living my dream! Travelling and helping third world countries. ~ Jane, Registered Nurse (Former Office Supplies worker)

“The information that Tanya-Danielle offers is so valuable. Showing us how we can honour, believe and trust ourselves. She showed me how to reach my true potential, to be valued and be recognized as someone of importance in my everyday relationships. Extremely valuable! It com- pletely changed how I saw myself but most importantly how I felt about myself. Tanya-Danielle said ‘we would come in one person and leave totally different’, and I did. But what was even more amazing so did everyone else! You just need to see and experience it for your- self.“ ~ J.C, Childcare worker

“This is one of the best workshops I have ever experienced and I have attended many! I always go by the results and I have achieved all my goals, thanks to Tanya-Danielle. She makes change possible and the re- sults are permanent”. ~ John CEO

Really Relating Relationships:

“WOW what an amazing workshop. Years of therapy didn’t do what you did in one day. And I thought there was something wrong with me. You gave me the critical missing pieces. Thank You” ~ Anne (NSW) Accountant

”Thought love would heal all! In our first year of marriage all sorts of issues kept coming up & we were constantly yelling at each other. This workshop is truly amazing! We learned how to be connected, loving & understanding of each other. All couples should do this before they get married ” ~ Jan & Phil

“Tony and I have been married for 20 years and ready for divorce. We had way too many problems that I thought could not be fixed. Until your workshop, you showed us what was happening and how to easily to change it. It is now six months later and we are more in love with each other, than ever before. You are tru- ly a miracle worker & all couples should do this workshop!” ~ Jane (Vic), Vet Nurse

”Definitely worthwhile, the wealth of knowledge changed my life. I didn’t realise how much I was pushing my partner away.” ~ John (Perth)

“When you said that we would walk out of this workshop totally different people, I did not believe you. I am still blown away of how you did that. I’m not angry or resentful any more. Because I know now I can have the relationship that is deep and fulfilling. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart.” ~ Matt (W.A) Self Employed

“Simply brilliant workshop! Every guy and girl should do this! As a single guy I was confused what women want and to feel confident in talking to them. AND I was tired of the previous relationships of doing all the work and getting little back. Loved the dating & relationship rules, it made sense and after trying them I am blown away by the responses I get. I feel confident and know I will have a connected and loving relationship this time around” ~ Tim


What people have said about our Products:

“My name is Scott, I am a Personal Trainer from England. I recently arrived in the Spa Resort Koh Samui, feeling like a broken man. This was due to a BIG row I'd had with my girlfriend in South Africa. The row occurred due to what I thought was mood swings caused by stopping a 15-20 year weed habit (24/7). I couldn't stop thinking I'd ruined everything and that I deserved to be alone for my actions.

Then the universe sent me Tanya-Danielle! I believe she came my way because I wanted to change so much and was making such an effort that the universe thought I needed a hand. After talking to Tanya-Danielle for an hour or so I'd found the root of my underlying problem which was far removed from weed induced mood swings and I felt much better already! Tanya-Danielle then gave me a CD called Taking Back Your Power which had a much deeper effect on me. After listening to it once, I discovered how to love my inner child who I lost for many years and in doing so I now appreciate myself more. 

My way of thinking has shifted to a positive way of thinking and I'm sure that whatever life has to throw at me isn't going to be bad - in fact it's going to be great. I also feel in a better position to give my love (unconditionally) now in learning to love myself. I am ever so grateful for meeting Tanya-Danielle!” ~ Scott Wyatt

Hi TD, Thank you for everything you have done for me and for showing me the way in life. I had spent my whole life searching for something to finally put me at rest of all the hurt and pain I have been carrying since early childhood. After years of listening to hypnosis cds and going and to different practioners from around the world for counselling, healing and other alternative therapies. I felt as though I was getting no where and if anything I felt more hurt and even more broken that I was about to give up as I was sick of feeling this way and had reached absolutely rock bottom in my life, When a author of a health book referred me through to Tanya-Danielle. When I came for my first assessment with TD I finally felt this relief, It was like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders as I finally found someone that could help me and finally put me at rest of all the pain and hurt I was carrying my whole life.

When I first started my consultations with TD I had also purchased the CD`s Taking back your power and Money magnet. Both the cd`s have helped me by removing the hurt and anxiety and by putting me back in flow with life. I had spent my whole life disconnected from myself and with listening to the Cd`s it has helped me connect me back to my core and finally put me back in flow with life. I have now reached a stage in my life where I’m more at peace within myself and I have finally found myself. The cd`s have opened me up to receiving more opportunities in my life. I now have a fantastic new job which I love and passionate about, I have been able to pay all my debts and large sums of money that I have owed to people, I have reconnected with my family as I had spent my whole life disconnected from. I now have a deeper loving connection with myself and the people around me. I hate to think where I would be if I had never of met TD, She is this truly amazing angel that has saved me and finally put me at rest of my childhood pain. TD has helped me let go of all the pain and hurt that has been holding me back in life. She has broken me through and shown me my true life purpose. 

The value within myself and shown me how to be a better person and helped me to now help other people. I have never met such a unique, caring, loving, compassionate, beautiful person that lives their life to help and heal other people. I feel truly blessed and honoured that I was sent to TD. She is a true inspiration. Kind Regards, Susan


Current workshops and seminars by Cares For You:

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Managing Children's Behaviour

Simple easy and proven steps in bringing out the best in children.

Managing Kids Behaviour

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Free Yourself Workshop

Life just getting too much? No one to talk to? The Gillis Method© can help!

Free Yourself Workshop

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Really Relating Relationships

Are you struggling in your relationship or want to enhance your relationship?

Relationship Seminars

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